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Sydney Wedding Entertainment

With over 800 flawlessly executed weddings, we have achieved unparalleled mastery in creating the perfect ambiance for your special day.

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Indulge in the exquisite world of weddings tailored to your every desire at XS Events. As the epitome of luxury service providers, we possess the unique ability to curate all the essential elements that bring your dreams to fruition. From mesmerising aerial circus performances, to electrifying undercover waiter stunt shows that exude boundless energy, no request is too extravagant. Explore our selection of meticulously crafted bundle packages below, or unleash your creativity and assemble a bespoke experience of your own. 

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High Energy Shows



Photo Booth

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Dance Party 


Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Same Day Content

Popular Bundle Packages


  • Guest Arrival: 2 Chandeliers ladies & 2 Fire performers

  • Bridal Party & Bride & Groom Entry: 6 Co2 Guns, 4 Co2 jets & 6 Fireworks

  • Main show: 5 Performer Undercover Waiter Stunt show

  • Bridal waltz: 12 Fireworks & 3 Dry ice machines

  • Dance Party: 4 Co2 guns, 200 glow sticks & 2 LED robots

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