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Excite Vegas

Step into a world of glitz and glamour with the Excite Vegas Spectacular! Our talented showgirls deliver electrifying dance routines and mind-blowing specialty acts, bringing the allure of Las Vegas right to your city.

  • Mesmerising Acrobatics: Watch as our showgirls defy gravity with breathtaking acrobatic feats, displaying strength, flexibility, and fearless spirit.

  • Fiery Performances: Feel the heat with scintillating fire routines, creating a spectacle of flames that dance in perfect harmony with their movements.

  • Team Stunts: Our tightly-knit team executes intricate and heart-stopping stunts, displaying remarkable synchronisation and trust in one another.

  • Variety and Versatility: From classic showgirl numbers to cutting-edge routines, our show offers a range of performances that cater to every taste.

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