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Tassal Hats 
Roaming Entertainment

At XS Events, we bring a unique and captivating experience to your event with our exclusive Tassel Hat Roaming Entertainment. Our talented entertainers, adorned in vibrant red, pristine white, and elegant black tassel hats, offer a dynamic and visually striking addition to any gathering, large or small.

Interactive Entertainment Like No Other

The charm of our Tassel Hat roaming entertainment lies in the interactive experience it provides. Our entertainers are not only a visual treat, but also skilled at engaging with guests of all ages, making everyone feel part of the festivities. 

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Colours to Complement Your Theme

  • Red Tassel Hats

Perfect for themes that call for passion, energy, and excitement. They are ideal for festive occasions or any event wanting a bold touch.

  • White Tassel Hats


Offering a sleek, clean look, our white hats are perfect for elegant, sophisticated gatherings or as a contrasting pop in darker themed events.

  • Black Tassel Hats

Best suited for formal events or occasions requiring a touch of mystery and elegance. They blend seamlessly with any setting while adding a stylish flair.

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