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Parkour Stunt Show
Parkour, Acrobatics & Fire

XS Events dynamic Parkour Show is a blend of agility, strength, and breathtaking stunts. This one of a kind high-energy performance is perfect for events seeking to captivate and energise their audience with jaw-dropping stunts only seen by

 Dauntless Movement Crew

parkour show Sydney

YES, WE HAVE FOUND A WAY TO INTEGRATE PARKOUR ONTO A STAGE! Witness urban street skills live on stage mix with acrobatics and fire stunts this show is going to keep your audience on the edge  of their seats

Winner – Helpmann Award – 2018 | Winner – Australian Dance Award – 2017

The perfect show for sport themed events, this show comes with our custom built parkour boxes for precision jumps, vaults, and flips. You can also add special effects and scaffolding for even bigger jumps and large stages.

This show is perfect for Corporate events, Product launches Sporting events and Festivals

Theme Costumes: Street Crew, formal back tie, or costume of your choice


Music: Mainstream Commercial, High Energy Mix​

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