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Champagne Skirts
Guest Arrival & Dance Party

Elevate your event to new heights of luxury with our premier event entertainment solution.

With a specialisation in wedding and corporate events, our team of exquisite Champagne Ladies exude style and grace as they serve your esteemed guests from stunning champagne skirts adorned with crystal flutes, meticulously handcrafted.

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Our professional models provide a warm and impeccable service, leaving an indelible impression on your guests' memories. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to your exact specifications, working closely with you to ensure all expectations are exceeded, creating an unforgettable experience.

Choose from an array of costume options, including the elegant Champagne Lady Boat and the enchanting Champagne Lady Catamaran, each designed to infuse your celebration with a touch of refined sophistication. For a taste of our unparalleled service, visit our opulent Champagne Lounge at La Di Da, where luxury knows no bounds.

Our Champagne Ladies, also known as Lady Champagne or Lady in Champagne Glass, are a guaranteed sensation that will have your guests eagerly capturing memories and sharing them on social media. 

Experience the Difference
Let Our Videos and Photos Speak for Themselves!

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Guest Arrival


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Classy Shows


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Champagne Tower

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Special Effects

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