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Bollywood Stunt Show
Dance, Stunts & Fire

Experience the thrill of stunt choreography and precision dance routines with a perfect blend of traditional and new, authentic music.


Bollywood Stunt Show is the ultimate in entertainment – an explosion of colour, dance, and fire that will have you on the edge of your seat. Specifically designed to be customised and tailored for the Indian market, our clients can celebrate the culture in style with our pleathora of advanced stunt performers plus optional special effects.​

Balancing Chairs & stunts

2:30-3:00 mins

Song name: Malhari. Includes stunts and acro flips with high energy finale for acro.​

Slow Motion: Bharath movie

2min Grand entry of Bollywood fusion with stunts, Adagio, LED wings


Authentic Bhangra with Scarfs with full on energy.​

Bollywood Bachata– Tip Tip barsa Pani

2min routine with Latin fusion of Bollywood.​

Kem Cho

Grand finale of Bollywood fusion with Samba dancing and FIRE dancing – 2-3 minutes. 


1:30 mins Bollywood fusion with acro and flips quite an entertainer

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Guest Arrival


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Classy Shows


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Champagne Tower

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Special Effects

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